Pullover season: Love Notions Constellation


This post contains affiliate links.

Well, I’ve now made 4 pullovers in the last few weeks. Two for the big kid, one for the toddler, and one for me. And I’ve got more planned! That’s how good the Love Notions Constellation and Navigator* (affiliate link) are.


Just tired and cold me, watching my children running around behind the camera, with some geese behind me.


Him in his full-zip hack to the Love Notions Navigator (watch this space for more details). Me in my Constellation. Both in navy FT with Glen plaid DBP for accents. I also made his hat!

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Love Notions Constellation and the Navigator* (affiliate link) (I’m just behind and having blogged on the Navigator yet – it’s coming!). I made mine in baby French Terry from Simply by Ti, with accents in double brushed poly from Sly Fox Fabrics.** This pullover is so amazingly soft. It’s like being wrapped in magical unicorn fluff. It’s supposed to be a layering piece, and it is getting pretty cold here, but why would I want anything between my skin and that kind of softness?! It’s a pickle.


Here I think I’m thinking, “Have we taken enough pictures yet?”

The pattern calls for stable knits. I’ve made some version (kids or women’s) of this pullover in cotton lycra, cotton lycra french terry (which is more stable and structured, and is pictured above on my son), micro fleece, and baby french terry (which is pictured throughout on me). I’ve used cotton lycra and DBP for the bands. They’ve all come out great! I’m hoping to make one in a heavier weight sweater knit and I have another planned for me in fleece and punched faux stretch leather. Rawr!


Rear shot!

You’ll need to put in a zipper, but don’t be afraid! Tami and Kelly include a great video tutorial link with clear visual instructions in both patterns. You’ll be amazed at how easily you can get it done. 🙂 I’ve made both the hooded and collared versions. On both, the thing I found trickiest was sewing the collar/hood lining to the outer piece. Every time I did it with the hooded version (all navigators), I ended up with a snaggled, gnarly spot on the back where the fabric caught under the stitch. ARGH! Oh well, hoods are down most of the time anyway, right? And as my friend Ti once told me, if a friend is looking that closely at your stitching and judging you, they aren’t your friend anyway. So, I try to accept those  imperfections. But with the collar, I tried something a little different. I used wonder tape on that seam, and very slowly and fussily pressed the bias tape (used to create an awesome professional finish on the lining of the hood and collar) down on it. No stitch/fabric gnarled lumps this time! Whoop!


Beautiful scenery, isn’t it?

On a related note, I’ve been trying to work on improving my photography. Folks, these pictures don’t look bad, but what was going on behind the scenes? CHAOS. I’d been planning this shoot all week, and suddenly on the day we had a wild weather blitz. It was literally sunny one minute and then snow flurries and hail the next. But we persevered! One tired toddler, one hesitant 9-year-old, one grumpy husband, and one totally-over-it me tromped down to this riverside park for pictures. And while it was chaos, and the pictures may not be amazing, I did get to play a bit with different light, which was educational. More importantly, we did get some really nice ones of the kids and of me with the kids. And that’s always worth the price of admission. Even if it took a couple years off my life. haha!


Me and my babies. (And we’re all wearing at least one thing I made!)

Bottom line: The Love Notions Constellation* (affiliate link) is a pattern you’re going to reach for again and again. Superb details, awesome wardrobe functionality, and not-too-scary construction will make it a pattern you will love to have. (And, of course, the Navigator too!)

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more on the full-zip hack I did for the kiddo (and plan to do for me, too)!


Don’t I look so peaceful? I mean, that’s a total lie, but I’m really selling it here, aren’t I? Just filled with the inner peace of nature and stuff.

*This is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission when you use it to shop, but it doesn’t cost you anything. Thank you!

**I am an ambassador for both of these companies and received this fabric for free in exchange for marketing. My opinion is my own.

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