Halloween 2019: My Monster, a Sewing by Ti Blog Tour

Hey there friends! It’s been a while. We moved and I got a new job and the transition has been a little tricky to manage. So the blog has been quiet. I’m sorry. I’ve got a few things in the works though! But it’s the My Monster tour, so let’s talk Halloween sewing, shall we? Did you sew any costumes this year?


Fun fact: I got married on Halloween. People always ask me if I dressed up. The answer is, yes…as a bride. As you might expect, we love Halloween in this house. I’m a total scaredy-cat, so not so much the gore and scary movies. But give me some pumpkins, fall foliage, black cats, and Halloween festivities, and I am in! Also, costumes. I do love a costume. I’ve been making my son’s costumes since he was just a little thing. I’ve been doing it every year…so far. Let’s hope I keep this streak going!

This year, I admit I was a little bummed. He was thinking he wanted to be a dalek, and I was pretty excited about engaging some crafty cleverness to devise it. But then he changed his mind and decided he wanted to be a rhino. Ho hum. And because he’s fabric sensitive, he just wanted to wear the softest fabric he could find in Joann’s, so he’s a blue rhino. Ha!


My adorable little blue rhino. This was after he ran around the room in circles yelling, “BEST. COSTUME. EVER!”

To create his beloved rhino, I adapted the Rad Patterns Cosplaysuit 2.0. I tested it earlier in the year and used it to make my husband a fabulous bear costume (you’ll see some of his photo gems in the tester pics if you click on the link). I knew it would be perfect for my son.


The rhino and the bear 

I had to make a few tweaks to get the rhino you see before you. The suit itself is unaltered. I was able to use a lot of the included pattern pieces to put together the finishing touches. I used the cow horn included in the pattern as a kind of base to sketch from, and made a bigger version for the front rhino horn (roughly the size of the included unicorn horn). The posterior horn is the cat/lion ear, rounded out a bit and sewn with a 1/4″ seam allowance. The ears are the cow ears, rolled over onto themselves and then hand stitched to keep their shape. (I used foam interfacing in those.) I made this costume while I was away at the Love Notions sewing retreat (more on that later!) and I forgot to bring any stuffing with me. So the horns are stuffed with fabric scraps. Recycling! haha! The horns are whipstitched into place. Ugh. Did I mention that I hate hand sewing? There’s also a tail, but I added it after these pics. And with those little changes, TADA! Rhino.


Spitting image, right? (Image taken from San Diego ZOONOOZ. Click on the pic for some fun – and some sad -rhino facts.)


So happy in his costume.

Alright, so it wasn’t the most complicated sew. I wanted to do more to make it “special,” but, you know what? He’s over the moon. And the costume is for him. It’s not for me. It’s not for accolades or prizes. I started sewing his costumes because he doesn’t like how store bought costumes feel (and he usually wants to be something we can’t buy in a store anyway). I made his costumes because it makes him happy. It makes me happy to do this for him. So this year it wasn’t especially unique or complicated. Oh well. This year was a little hard anyway. My sewing mojo was running thin. My anxiety has been pretty unmanageable in this move, and my son has been struggling with the transition (even though we’re all very happy to be here, in our new home). So maybe it was a gift he gave me, this more simple creation that gives him so much joy. I wouldn’t be surprised. He gives me so many gifts. He is a gift.

And happy anniversary to my bear husband. The best father, the best husband, and the most wonderful human I know. I’m so lucky to walk through this life with a man that will model a bear suit, and who will put it on to cheer up his son on a hard day; a man who cheers for me in everything I do, and who encourages my sewing, even when I want to throw my machine out the window. I love you.


My boys. 

I ran out of time to make my own costume this year. Alas. There’s always next year! Until then, I’ll enjoy these two ridiculous animals.




Bear vs. Rhino. Who survives?

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