Greenstyle North Shore: I Made a Swimsuit!


Folks. I did something that scared me. I made a bathing suit.


I’ve been trying to stretch myself with new patterns and new sewing challenges this year. Admittedly, I haven’t been amazing about blogging them. Whoops. But I have been sharing them on instagram! The Greenstyle North Shore swimsuit has motivated me to get back in the blogging habit though. It is spectacular! And so full of options! But, holy cow, I was scared to sew it.


Holy options, Batman!

Reasons that sewing a bathing suit was scary:

  1. Swim material is slippery as snot.
  2. Bathing suits, if not fitted properly, will fall off in the water and reveal my lady bits.
  3. I have to share pictures of me in a bathing suit.
  4. Oh…and I made a bikini, so….*deafening internal screaming*.

I just posted a picture of me in a bikini. AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Like many challenges in life, this one seemed much bigger in my imagination than in reality.  It was my first time sewing a bathing suit and the tutorial was so well laid out and clear, I had no trouble following it. I anticipated many fights with my machine, but I took it slow, and clipped the crap out of every seam (thank you, wonder clips!), and I was able to sew that slippery bugger swim without much difficulty. Miracle! Perhaps that’s because my material was from Zenith & Quasar (last year). She has such high-quality fabric, and this swim was no exception. And I love the color!

Reasons to get over any fears you may have and sew this swimsuit:

  1. Options, options, options.
  2. This suit looks fantastic on every body I have seen it on – all shapes, all sizes. Seriously, all of the testers looked amazing.
  3. Clear directions that even a swimsuit beginner like me can follow!
  4. A helpful Facebook group where you can ask questions.
  5. The pride of going to the beach/pool/the sprinkler in your backyard, and when someone points out how AMAZING you look, being able to say, “thank you. I made it.”

I am all about body positivity and body acceptance. For other people. I have a really hard time being accepting of myself and my own body. I felt like making (and modeling) a swimsuit was a way to face and try to overcome that shortcoming. I can’t say it was a magic wand. I wasn’t overcome with boatloads of self-esteem or anything. My body is not perfect. I’ve got scars and bruises and cellulite and flabby bits. My body sometimes betrays me with pain and inflammation. But my body has also carried me through this life so far. And I thank it for that. So sewing this suit was a small step in the right direction, and I’m proud of that. Also, I made a flipping swimsuit. I’m pretty proud of that too!


Top: halter, deep V front, size L; Bottom: high waist, size L, graded to XL at waist

The North Shore swimsuit is on a special release sale until midnight, Friday, May 25. During the release, 10% of all profits will go to support recovery efforts in Hawaii.




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