New Year, New Sews: I Can Try New Things!


Hello there! Thanks for stopping by the Sewing By Ti Blog Tour: New Sews for the New Year. We’ve got lots of great bloggers sharing their creations with you this month. Make sure to check them all out! (Full list at the bottom of the page.)

Well the title says New Sews for the New Year, so that meant I had to do something different. And new. Eek.


I have been stuck in a sewing rut. I don’t know…does it really count as a rut if you’re happy in it? No, let’s not say rut. Let’s say pattern. I’m in a sewing pattern (ha! I didn’t get that until I wrote it out – what a goofball). Outside of testing – I tend to reach for the same patterns over and over. And, hey, it’s okay to have your favorites! But you gotta try to branch out a little sometimes…and I don’t. Well, that’s what sewing resolutions are for! I have a few my friends, but trying new patterns is probably my number one. (I’m also trying to be more active on instagram. You can follow me and the chaos I don’t blog about @sewlikeasloth 🙂)

For this blog tour I decided to really push myself and I tried TWO new patterns! TWO new (to me) designers! And fabric that was a little outside my comfort zone! I was pushing all kind of boundaries with these creations, folks…and I love it!

Make one: Mama’s shirt


Hey June Union St Tee (original version), featuring unicorn panel from Moon Beam Textile Co (affil link).

Up first, my very own unicorn shirt! (Sorrynotsorry about the ear worm. 😉) I used a cotton lycra panel and a light french terry to create this long-sleeved Hey June Union St Tee. (P.S. another first! I mixed fabrics. I never do that.) People have been telling me for ages to try this tee. I don’t know why I haven’t. Now I want a closet full of them.


Fun fact! It was less than 20 degrees when this picture was taken. Brrrrrrrrr!

If you’ve been waffling on this pattern, stop. Go get it now. The fit is fantastic. I need to hurry up and learn to do a forward shoulder adjustment, which shows more in this top because of the material. But the pattern itself is on point. This shirt has quickly moved up to being at the top of my clothing rotation list. Right up there with my cozy grey Love Notions Sloane. I’ve worn it out several times and received multiple compliments on it. That’s always exciting! 🙂 I didn’t realize that the pattern had been updated until after I made it. I was perfectly happy with this version, which is the original, but I’m excited to give the updated version a whirl too. It’s just so good, people. So. Good.


I won’t lie. I am ridiculously proud of this little appliqué detail. Leave no fabric scraps behind!

Make Two: Baby outfit!

Apple Tree Grow Fonder and Opulent Monsters Basic Monster Bunz, also featuring Moon Beam Textile Co (affil) unicorn panel and coordinate.

So, this is point blank the cutest thing I’ve ever made. The end. That’s it. There’s nowhere to go from here but down. The Grow Fonder was the new pattern, so that’s the one I’m going to focus on here. (I do recommend the Monster Bunz though.) I heard good things about this pattern and was curious. I hate the idea of using custom fabric for a baby who will outgrow it in 2 seconds. Let’s face it, though I love it, custom fabric ain’t cheap. If a shirt can last her for more than a month, I’m willing to give it a try! I must say I’m super impressed with the Grow Fonder. This one is a bit big for my baby. I went off of her chest measurements, and it put her at the bottom of the 1-3 yr size. (She’s 8-months-old.) I figured it would be a little long, which I don’t mind that at all. The neck opening is a bit big though. She’ll grow into it in no time. Next time, for a better fit, I’ll try the 3-12 month size. Others reported the it continued to fit their little one long after they passed the 12-month mark. Help was quickly offered when I posted a question in the Facebook group. I’m really happy with this top. I don’t usually do colors this bright. I’m boring. 😂 But I don’t think I could love it more. The panel as an appliqué brings me great joy. I hadn’t done that before, and I am quite tickled with the result. I admit it! It’s not often I feel so happy with something I made. But how could I be anything but happy with this adorableness?!?!?!
The best part? Mommy & Me!!! ❤️


Whew. This was a long post, but I was just so excited to share with you all. 😂 What a successful way to start the year! Try out something new in 2018 and see what awesome creations you can discover!
Do you have sewing resolutions this year? What are they? 🙂

Crazy hair, silly baby face, but lots of love.

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