Monster Mash Tour: Halloween is my favorite!

I’m back for another Sewing By Ti Blog tour and this one is near and tear to my heart because it’s about Halloween!!!!


I got married on Halloween. This year marks lucky number 13 for us! This is also my 5th year making my son’s Halloween costumes. This year he had a challenge for me. He wanted to be Bane from Lego Batman. In case you don’t have an 8-year-old obsessed with all things Lego or are not familiar with the Lego Batman movie, here are some pictures for reference:


Craft challenge (backpack)? Check.

Sewing challenge (muscle shirt)? Check.

Logistics challenge (tubes inserting to muscles)? Check.

Well, of course this is what he wanted to be for Halloween. But mama was up for it! Thankfully, the hot glue gun (who was the real hero here) was also up for it. Of course, it all came together at the last minute, after many finger burns and curse words…and what project wouldn’t be complete without a date with the old seam ripper?! Sadly, I did not get any great pictures of the finished project. 😦 The kidlet was too darn excited to trick-or-treat! Sometimes life works out that way. But it really did happen!


Here’s a breakdown of what I did:

Mask. This was essentially two pieces of black cotton lycra serged together like a balaclava with no opening. Then I put it on him and noted where his eyes and mouth were. Then I freehanded the designs on the Bane’s luchador mask and stitched them on. The red eyes are red tulle. The silver accents are silver athletic cosplay spandex from Joann’s Then I cut out the cotton lycra fabric so he could see and breathe. I also had to add a little strip of silver to the back because my son noted that Bane has a zipper on the back of his mask and felt very attached to the idea. Mama wasn’t adding an actual zipper thankyouverymuch, so the silver fabric would have to do.

Vest. This was the least complicated and least hacked of everything I made. It’s the Twig & Tale pathfinder vest. The fabric is some of that soft faux sheep’s wool stuff that I can never remember the name of, and a faux micro suede. Both were from Joann’s. The thickness was a pain to sew, but the pattern went together beautifully and this vest will be SO COZY for fall and winter. I’m really happy with it and hope he will keep wearing it. He said he would!

Muscle shirt. This is two Patterns for Pirates Jolly Roger Raglans sewn in a cheap, crappy, prone to running devil fabric. Also from Joann’s. I sewed one and hot glued foam on for the muscles. Then sewed another (just slightly bigger) and stitched them together at the neckline. (Same technique as doing a facing or lining.) And voila! Muscle shirt.

Pants. Are RTW from Old Navy. I did have to hack the waist band for my super skinny fabric sensitive kid.

I’ll tell you about crafting the backpack in another post. It involved a cereal box, toilet paper rolls, random items, a lot of glueing, and a rather clever (if I do say so myself) lighting effect. And I’ll try to get better pics of the costume. Until then, here’s our Batman villain family: Poison Ivy and her poison plant and Bane (not pictured: party pooper, I-won’t-dress-up husband).



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