Date Night February…if I had date nights

Dates are rare for us. And when we have them, they’re so casual. We never dress up and get to do anything fancy. Being in my third trimester, I will also admit that I’m not feeling very into fancy right now anyway. I just want comfort. At all times. So, what’s a girl to do for a date night blog? Well, I think it’s all about how you feel. When you feel better, you look better. I have some maternity ideas for a sassy date night, but I need some more sewing time and materials to complete them, so I’ll those share later. Instead, I want to share with you two of my favorite pre-partum creations – ones I feel great in and that would be perfect for a dressy date night…if we had them (and also for work, and just wearing because it’s awesome, and…). 🙂

What are these amazing patterns, you ask? Up first, from one of my favorite designers, Greenstyle Creations: The Pace Skirt (affil link).

I know! An athletic skirt. What??? No, I don’t run on dates…or at all. But the Pace skirt is amazingly versatile.


Well, some people used it for running. I like to show versatility in a pattern. So I tested it for snacking. Definitely works! 😉

This skirt is not just for running. A little length added, a non-athletic fabric choice, and voila! The Pace Skirt does date night.

Look at that sassy skirt! Is it not gorgeous in this plaid ponte??? Fabulous for a semi-dressy date night with these heels, right? (I’m really asking. I’m totally out of touch. Haha!) I love it so much. I can’t wait to wear it again once my belly is no longer in its own zip code. All I did was choose an everyday fabric that still had the right stretch (in this case a ponte), lengthened at the lengthen/shorten line by 6 inches (which is what worked for my body – that will change, depending on your height and where you want it to hit), and I skipped the shorts underneath. Done and done. One of my most favorite things I’ve ever sewn. I may attempt a maxi version once this baby is born. 🙂

But I promised you TWO date night pattern suggestions. Here’s the other. The Tessa Sheath Dress (affil link) by another of my favorite designers, Love Notions. I know some of you read sheath dress and cringed. I understand your fears. A sheath dress cannot be flattering on us un-tiny girls, right? WRONG. I’m a semi-neat hourglass shape. I’m like an hourglass that grew some apple-ness. 🙂 It’s just how I gain weight. My bust and hips are proportional (though my hip measurement is really all ass. I’m not particularly hippy or curvy, but I’ve got a mighty bubble butt), but I’ve plumped out in the middle over the years, so my waist is less defined. But that’s real bodies, right? We don’t easily fit into one category. (For more info on body types and the bloggers who share your shape, check out this post by Sewing by Ti!) I’ll put this body in a forgiving sheath (not a body con, just not my style) all day long. You can layer a cardigan over it on “fat days,” when self-esteem is not at its highest. You can belt it, accessorize it, throw a scarf on, pair it with different shoes, and get a different look every time. A good sheath dress is just so darn versatile! And the Tessa is a good sheath dress. Here are two of mine, styled differently and made in different materials to give you a sense of different ways to wear a dress like this. When my body is back to normal, I’ll do a more in-depth post on styling.

The blue on the left is Art Gallery CL, styled with simple neutral heels and a belt. The brown on the right is mystery ponte with Art Gallery woven for the yoke. It’s a tank, styled with a simple cropped circle cardigan and some of my favorite chucks. I’d wear either on a date night because that’s how I roll. I’m probably more likely to opt for fun sneakers than heels these days though. What about you?

If you’re looking for fabric for your date night sew (whether you’re going out, staying in, going on a date, or taking yourself on a date), I’ve got great news! Simply By Ti is offering 10% off to all the Date Night February readers! Use coupon code DATENIGHT and start sewing something you feel great in!

If you’re like me, you’re going to love all of the inspiration my fellow bloggers have for you. Be sure to check back all February long to see what patterns work for us!

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