It’s just a little pad, right?

FAIR WARNING! This post will involve talk of lady bits and period truths. Read on with that knowledge.

Alright, internet, let’s talk periods! What? This is a sewing blog. You are right, internet, it is. We’re going to talk sewing for periods. The first time I heard about cloth pads I was a teenager and I thought it was the strangest idea. I couldn’t imagine how one would reuse a pad. Well, I’m older and wiser and now I think they sound amazing. Why, you ask. I shall tell you!

  1. This is number ONE with a bullet! The cost of pads. No. Just no. It’s offensive. I don’t want to spend that kind of money (plus tax, thankyouverymuch) just for the “privilege” of expelling my uterine lining every month. No. Thank. You.
  2. Commercial pads are so wasteful. Convenient, yes? But just straight up bad for the environment. I want to limit my damage where I can.
  3. My periods are awful. They are a singularly miserable experience. Why not make them a little bit brighter with pads made from my favorite fabric scraps? Always good to add a little whimsy and humor to your life when you feel like your lower abdomen is being sent through a meat grinder and you want to kill everyone and everything. I think those that have to fend off my fire breathing hatred with a steel chair have to interact with me might appreciate it if I had a little chuckle during that wretched time each month. Laughter never hurts, right?
  4. I think I’m developing an allergy to commercial pads and I can’t use tampons. That’s no fun. I know I’m not allergic to fabric. Never to glorious, glorious fabric. I love you fabric.
  5. I have a lot of fabric scraps and not a lot of ways to use them.

Alright, so sew some pads. Well, internet, I have a confession. I’m afraid of sewing cloth pads. I don’t know why. I’ve wanted to make them for a long time. I’ve researched. I’ve joined groups. I made a plan for storage and cleaning. I’ve ordered special absorbant materials. I’ve gotten patterns. But I give it all the slanty eye from a safe distance for fear that it will bite me if I get too close.

You know you made a backpack, right? Why are you scared of making little, sassy, adorable pads? I DON’T KNOW, INTERNET! STOP JUDGING ME! 😉

BUT NO MORE! I am here to say that the time for fear is OVER. I am going to make my first pad. And then I am going to make my second one. And I will keep making some to build up a little stash. These are not empty promises, internet. Oh no! This is truth. Need proof? It’s on the internet, so obviously it’s true. 😉 And to keep me honest I shall report back here with my creation(s)!

But which fabric should I use for my first pad?!?! HELP! (These are all from my stash. They also all happen to be Star Dust & Moon Beam fabric, which I love.) Not pictured: LOTR and an embarrassing amount of other amazing geeky SDMB fabric to choose from. I’m leaning towards Star Wars or Alice because I have more of it…but I don’t know. Help me decide!


In honor of this life-changing decision, nay, self-commandment, I want to share a little giveaway with you that’s going on over at The Happy Hippos Patterns. (And can I just say that this group is so kind and supportive. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.) I recently joined the group and got a couple patterns that I’m really excited to try out.  I want to be a happy hippo! (I assume the hippos are happy because they’re menstruating into soft, delightful, custom-made pads.) They are giving away some awesome prizes over the next couple of weeks, including:

Bugaboo fabric Art Gone WIld pad panel set of 6.
Wanderlust fabric 1 yd store credit
NR fabrics fabric 1 yd art gallery and 1 yd solid c/l
Rad patterns Lucky undies pattern
Kimmy Snabric 1 yard bamboo lycra fabric
Pickle toes patterns 1 pattern of choice
THH pattern bundle of 3
Pad cuts of THH fabric bundle of 3
The Happy Hippos 10″ Suprise Print Pad
Sahara fabrics pad maker’s padded fre pack
Emma bomb fabrics scrap pack
Beanpop Diapers $25.00 store credit

Whoa! If you love giveaways or if you’re a devout cloth pad lover or if (like me) you are a cloth pad making wannabe, head on over to the Happy Hippos Facebook group (linked above and if you click on the pic below) for the chance to win these awesome prizes!




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